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Up to EUR 500 EUR 501 - 1000 EUR 1001 and over

Every effort is made to make staying at our properties affordable. This page begins with the lowest cost properties and continues down to the higher cost but larger dwellings. Over all, prices mostly vary according to the number of guests. The larger properties become very reasonable when the cost is divided amongst larger groups and thus are comparable in cost to the smaller apartments. Don't forget to take into account the huge discounts (as much as 60%) the longer you stay, dependent on the season. Prices include electricity, sheets and towels, initial and final cleaning, as well as all local and state taxes. The only extra cost is heating, charged based on consumption and needed only between mid November and mid April.

the Olive Mill

Once a mill where the nearby farms would press their olives, the Olive Mill features medieval walls, arches and antique rustic furniture. Located just steps away from shops and restaurants, this spacious studio is one of the most attractive in Panicale. It is ideally suited for a couple or a familly of three. Click for more...

Price per week: EUR 372 - EUR 465
Location: Panicale
Sleeps: 1 - 3

Amenities: 1 Bathroom|1 Double Bed |1 Single Bed Sofa|Fire Place|Lake View|Own Front Door|TV|Views|Washing Machine

the Podesta apartment

The Podesta is a one-bedroom apartment in the highest point of Panicale, a lively medieval hill top village located close to the south shores of the Lake Trasimeno. Its features include medieval walls and arches, a balcony with an endless view, original chestnut doors and a fireplace. Amenities include washing machine, satellite TV, a toilet and a bathroom. Even if it is not large, it will comfortably sleep two couples. Click for more...

Price per week: EUR 380 - EUR 475
Location: Panicale
Sleeps: 1 - 4

Amenities: 1 Bathroom|1 Double Bed |1 Double Bed Sofa|1 WC|Balcony Views|Fire Place|Radio|Satellite TV|Washing Machine

Casa Tanaquilla

Located in the countryside, at a 15 minute walk from one of the most charming hill top towns in Umbria, the Casa Tanaquilla is a house dating from the 12th. The top floor apartment has views over the garden, olive groves and vineyards from both its bedrooms. It will comfortably sleep 4 people. Click for more...

Price per week: EUR 400 - EUR 500
Location: Panicale
Sleeps: 1 - 4

Amenities: 1 Bathroom|2 Double Beds|Garden|Microwave Oven|Outdoor Oven|Radio|Stereo|Views|Washing Machine

the Macchione farmhouse

This red brick farmhouse dating from 1777 is set in the peaceful countryside, surrounded by sunflower fields. It has four apartments sleep up to twenty people, although we only recommend three of them. Its renaissance features include a loggia and portico, wooden beams, and cotto floors. The view over the village of Montepulciano and its lake is best enjoyed at sunset. Click for more...

Price per week: EUR 432 - EUR 540
Location: Gioiella / Porto
Sleeps: 2 - 20

Amenities: 3 Bed Sofas|4 Bathrooms|4 Double Beds|9 Single Beds|Breakfast provided|Fire Place|Garden|Lake View|Loggia|Outdoor Oven|Payment By Credit Card|Views|Washing Machine|Wirless Internet in most areas

the Boldrino apartment

The Boldrino apartment is a historic two-bedroom apartment from the 13th century. It was recently restored to its past splendour, making it an ideal vacation rental when staying in Umbria. Its central location in the hill top town of Panicale means it is only steps away from restaurants, shops and bars. Click for more...

Price per week: EUR 440 - EUR 550
Location: Panicale
Sleeps: 1 - 4

Amenities: 1 Bathroom|1 Double Bed |1 Twin Bedroom|1 WC|CD Player|DVD Player|Microwave Oven|Satellite TV|Stereo|TV|Washer/Dryer

Casa Anna

This beautifully restored stand-alone farmhouse has a private pool and is just a 5-minute drive from Panicale, the most charming hill top town of Umbria. Centered around a huge living room, it has four bedrooms sleeping up to 10 adults, two bathrooms and a large kitchen. It features a walk-in fireplace, 4 meter high beamed ceilings and cotto floors. So, whether you are looking for absolute peace, or the space for inter-family games and noisy picnics, this is the place to be. There is a 200 refundable security deposit and 150 cleaning fee in addition to the total cost of any bookings. Click for more...

Price per week: EUR 1000 - EUR 1250
Location: Panicale
Sleeps: 3 - 10

Amenities: 2 Bathrooms|2 Single Beds|4 Double Beds|Fire Place|Garden|Outdoor Oven|Swimming Pool|Views|Washing Machine

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